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Worster Awards

I'm copying below this year's Worster Award announcement. Note that although the graduate student must be in EEMB, the undergraduate does not and a number of CCS students have benefited from this award in the past. This is a great opportunity for Summer funding and if you are interested then you need to talk to a friendly EEMB grad student.

The Worster family has again graciously given EEMB a gift of $30,000. As in previous years, this award is to support the development of graduate and undergraduate research in ecology, evolution and/or marine biology through a mentoring program that pairs an undergraduate with a graduate student mentor during the summer. All graduate students that have their thesis committee chaired by an EEMB faculty member are eligible to apply for this award. We anticipate that stipends this year will be $6000 for each team ($3000 for the graduate and $3000 for the undergraduate, to be paid during the summer). We will be able to fund 5 teams this coming summer.

Applications for this award (electronic, Word or PDF files AND a printed copy delivered to my office or placed in my EEMB mailbox) are due to me by Friday, April 1st, 2011. Please be sure to send and to deliver both electronic and hard copies.

Please include:

1. Brief (2 pages, prepared by the graduate student) description of the research project and how the undergraduate student will participate in it.

2. CV of the graduate student, including progress toward his/her degree and any prior mentoring experience.

3. A brief statement from the undergraduate regarding his or her professional goals and how the research experience will prepare him/her to meet them. Undergraduates are expected to complete a senior honors thesis during the 2011-2012 or 2012-2013 academic year and express their intent to do so. In addition, undergraduate promise, experience, and GPA in their major will factor into the decision for funding.

4. Letter of support from the grad student's major professor.

Please note that recipients will be obligated to write a summary of their team's progress and accomplishments at the end of the summer. These summaries will be sent to the Worster’s in the fall as part of a package thanking them for this important gift.

Undergraduates who will graduate in June 2011 are NOT eligible for this award.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Craig Carlson

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