Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Deciphering Local Diversity

Next quarter CCBER will present a series of talks on local biodiversity with a focus on developing observational and identification skills.You can take this as a class or simply attend any talks you are interested in.

CCBER Conservation and Restoration Seminar (RE 188/288) - Deciphering Local Diversity

Monday evenings, 6-7pm, Rm 1013 Harder South
  • March 28th – Introduction – Lisa Stratton
  • April 4th – Dan Fontaine – Interpreting animals signs
  • April 11th – Mark Holmgren – Raptor ID and Behavior
  • April 18th – John Bleck – Differentiating Succulents
  • April 25th – Mary Carroll – Differentiating Sedges
  • May 2nd – Marc Kummel – The story behind local Oak Galls
  • May 9th – Mary Carroll – Learning the key to Grass Identification
  • May 16th – Lisa Stratton – Local vernal pool hydrology and flora
  • May 23rd – Scott Cooper – Below the surface of Vernal Pools: Invertebrate lifecycles
Contact Lisa Stratton if you have questions.

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