Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

The plant in you (and vice versa)

 From: Double-fertilization, from myths to reality, a review from 2007 -

It is becoming gradually clear that although plant and animal kingdoms diverged more than 1 billion years ago, similar mechanisms govern sexual reproduction in both kingdoms. The review by Márton and Dresselhaus (2008) outlines some of these parallels. The current idiosyncratic nomenclature used to designate plant reproduction has obscured the parallels that now become apparent between plants and animals. It is likely to be the time to rethink the designation of each actor of the reproductive process such that the literature in the field becomes relevant to a broader readership working in the field of reproductive biology.
The  Márton and Dresselhauspaper referred to is A comparison of early molecular fertilization mechanisms in animals and flowering plants.

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