Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

Podcast: James Collins - Engineering Life: The Past and Future of Synthetic Biology

via: http://www.microbeworld.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=604:mts45-james-collins-engineering-life-the-past-and-future-of-synthetic-biology&catid=37:meet-the-scientist&Itemid=155

"In this podcast, I talk to James Collins, an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a professor at Boston University. Ten years ago Collins helped launch a new kind of science called synthetic biology. I talked to Collins about the achievements of synthetic biology over the past decade, such as engineering E. coli that can count, and about the future of synthetic biology--from using bacteria to make fuel to reprogramming the bacteria in our guts to improve our health."

Download: mp3 (37.5 min | 34 megs)

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