Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

The Manakin Would Do Michael Jackson Proud!

These compact stubby Manakin birds might not look as dazzling as Michael Jackson did, but they sure do him justice.

The Manakins are from the family, Pipridae, of some 60 passerine bird species of subtropical and tropical mainland Central and South America, and Trinidad and Tobago. They range in size from 7-15 cm and weigh between 8-30 grams. The females are a dull green color while the males are mostly black with striking color patches.

These birds have spectacular, elaborate courtship rituals. Their modified wing feathers are used to make unique high pitched buzzing and snapping sounds at a speed the human eye can not even detect, making them the fastest wings on earth!

Not only are these speed demons the fastest flight birds on the planet but they also have moves that would make Michael Jackson proud!

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