Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Caffeine Made Easy

Remember Sweet’n Low, the first really convenient sugar substitute? Well, now somebody has finally come up with a similar easy-to-use product containing caffeine. Fein energy crystals (pronounced FEEN) are being promoted as an energy-boosting product that can be added to any drink, including water. Fein has no calories, no artificial ingredients, and no taste, according to the company marketing it. Drop a single stick of FEIN into your drink of choice and you’re getting 75 mg of pure crystalline caffeine, roughly the amount of caffeine in some energy drinks. And Fein costs less than 70 cents per stick. You probably won’t find it in stores yet, but it’s available over the internet.

Henceforth, getting that caffeine buzz (if that’s important to you) will be as easy as sweetening your tea. This is not an endorsement; just a fact.

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