Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

CCBER seminar for Spring 2010

CCBER's conservation and restoration ecology seminar series.

This spring we will be discussing the importance (or not) of using local genetic ecotypes for restoration as well as other ways that genetic information can inform restoration efforts; see schedule below.

Seminars are Monday evenings, 6-7pm. This Spring they will be in North Hall Rm 1109
  • March 29th – Introduction, Wayne Chapman for Lisa
  • April 5th – Genetics 101, Lisa Stratton
  • April 12nd – Genotypes and Local restoration: Issues, constraints and examples, Wayne Chapman.
  • April 19th –Native seed production: Issues and Constraints; Paul Albright, Albright Seeds
  • April 26th – Genetic issues related to rare species conservation - Mark Elvin, USFWS
  • May 3rd – Gene flow, genetic structure, and restoration ecology of oaks– Victoria Sork, UCLA
  • May 10th – Evolutionary Restoration, Kevin Rice, UCDavis
  • May 17th – Creating a cultivar & hybridization risks, Bart O’ Brien, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
  • May 24th – Final Discussion

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