Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Yellow fatty beans

...and that's why, today, bananas are called "yellow fatty beans". Questions? Abe Simpson

Bananas are thought to have been one of the earliest fruits to have been 'domesticated'. Apparently in the middle ages both Moslems and Christians assumed that the forbidden fruit mentioned in the bible was the banana (the precise species is of course not revealed). I'm not sure when this tradition changed to the apple but it may have been because in Latin malum means apple and mālum means evil.

All bananas today are sterile. Here's an interesting article on the fate of the poor, sexless and therefore defenceless, banana.

Pity the banana. Despite its unmistakably phallic appearance, it hasn’t had sex for thousands of years. The world’s most erotic fruit is a sterile, seedless mutant—and therein lies a problem. The banana is genetically old and decrepit. It has been at an evolutionary standstill ever since humans first propagated it in the jungles of Southeast Asia at the end of the last ice age. And that is why some scientists believe that the banana could be doomed. It lacks the genes to fight off the pests and diseases that are invading the banana plantations of Central America and the small holdings of Africa and Asia.

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