Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

Inorganic Flora

Check out Macuto Murayama's flower illustrations. Apparently he spends months on each one by dissecting out all the floral parts, sketching and photographing them, then renders them in 3-D software before recompositing the image in photoshop. The resultant image have a ghostly x-ray quality to them combined with the precision of a scientific illustration and yet have a great artistic beauty. Lots more examples at the link and there are more details on the artist and his technique here.

It is not only an image of a plant, but representation of the intellect’s power and its elaborate tools for scrutinizing nature. The transparency of this work refers not only to the lucid petals of a flower, but to the ambitious, romantic and utopian struggle of science to see and present the world as transparent (completely seen, entirely grasped) object.

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