Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

Annual EEMB Graduate Student Symposium

Next Saturday, 20 February 2010, is the 6th Annual EEMB Graduate Student Symposium in the MSI Auditorium.
This is a great chance to find out what all those grad students actually do. And do I see a CCS student presenting?

10:00‐10:30 am Registration and Coffee
10:30‐10:40 Welcome & Intro: Dr. Bob Warner, Professor and Chair of EEMB
10:40‐11:20 Keynote speaker: Dr. Catherine Gautier, Professor of Geography
11:20‐11:30 Mid‐morning coffee break
11:30‐12:30 pm SESSION I
• J. Stephen Gosnell: Non‐consumptive effects of a keystone intertidal predator and community consequences
• Caitlin Fong: The evolution of phototransduction and its role in behavior in Hydra magnipapillata
• Xueying (Shirley) Han: Spatial patterns in density of the sea urchin Diadema savignyi: Effects of predators
• Thomas Smith: Interactions between tadpoles, mayflies, and epiphyton in alpine
lakes of the Sierra Nevada
12:30‐1:40 Lunch (2nd floor balcony)
1:40‐1:50 Half‐time show
1:50‐3:05 SESSION II
• Karen Stahlheber: Islands of invasion: Dominance of exotexotic species near living and dead oak trees (Quercus spp.) in California grasslands
• Nathan Derieg: A flower color polymorphism: adaptations at odds?
• Barbara Bastos Horta e Costa: Evaluation of the first effects of conservation measures on reef fish communities in the Arrabida Marine Park, Portugal
• Alison Pischedda: Contrasting the relative importance of pre‐ and post‐copulatory sexual selection
• Tate Tunstall: Water flow and the amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis : How environment may affect disease outcome
3:05‐3:20 Mid‐afternoon coffee break
3:20‐4:20 SESSION III
• Brian Haggerty: TBD
• Julio Lorda: The effect of the trematode Microphallus sp. on the New Zealand mud snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum, population in their native range
• Steve Sadro: Microbial effects on diel patterns of community respiration in an oligotrophic alpine lake
• Nicole Molinari: Native vs. non‐native grassland species: Who will win under future global change scenarios?
4:30‐5:30 Happy hour (2nd floor balcony)
5:45‐late Dinner, Alumni House, please give $10 to Alina Haas (LSB 4312) to attend

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