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Ok, these videos are a little hard to understand and it's not the best quality, but they go over a great wealth of information in a very thorough textbook style way. The introductions of each movie are a little too long so you might want to fast forward. But, thank you Prof. S. Dasgupta at the Dept of Chemistry at IIT in Kharagpur!! Guy and Girls, I know this is going to be hard to get through, (it's around 30 hours) but march through it. Pretend its the greatest secret ever been told. It is! We are peering through the rabbit hole fellas. Keep reminding yourself of that. Before we can work with nature, we need to really get to know nature, hang out her, and become best buddies. Now psyche yourself up, forgive prof. Dasgupta's hard to understand English accent, and watch all these movies!

Lecture - 1 Amino Acids I

Lecture - 2 Amino Acids II

Lecture - 3 Protein Structure - I

Lecture - 4 Protein structure II

Lecture - 05 Protein Structure III

Lecture - 6 Protein Structure 4

Lecture - 7 Enzymes I

Lecture - 8 Enzymes 2

Lecture - 9 Enzymes III

Lecture - 10 Enzyme Mechanisms I

Lecture - 11 Enzyme Mechanisms II

Lecture - 12 Myoglobin and Hemoglobin

Lecture - 13 Lipids and Membranes 1

Lecture - 14 Lipids and Membranes II

Lecture - 15 Membrane Transport

Lecture - 16 Carbohydrates I

Lecture - 17 Carbohydrates II

Lecture - 18 Vitamins and Coenzymes 1

Lecture - 19 Vitamins and Coenzymes II

Lecture - 20 Nucleic Acids 1

Lecture - 21 Nucleic Acids II

Lecture - 22 Nucleic Acids III

Lecture - 23 Bioenergetics 1

Lecture - 24 Bioenergetics II

Lecture - 25 Metabolism I

Lecture - 26 Metabolism II

Lecture - 27 Metabolism III

Lecture - 28 Overview of the Course

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