Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

Summer Reading

That title sounds painful, I know (and I apologize). So as we all depart for our homes, our vacations or our labs for summer research, I thought I'd bring up a book I think we could all take the time to read. I feel like during the school year I miss a lot of reading time because I'm so wrapped up in coursework, but really, the majority of learning for me comes from independent research.
George C. Williams' "Adaptation and Natural Selection" is the perfect summer book because it's relatively short (although dense) and really beautifully covers a lot of the evolutionary themes we have discussed throughout the year. I've noticed that in class a lot of questions have arisen as to why organisms have or have not evolved specific traits. Within the first 25 pages of the book Williams well addresses these issues and I think its worth a read for all of us.


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