Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

Midterm answer and job opportunity

Ecology 'midterm' answers, plus a few comments, are here. (If you need the midterm itself it is here).

Here's one more job opportunity for the summer if any of you are looking for gainful employment.

The Valentine Lab of the Earth Science Dept. and Marine Science Institutute at UCSB is seeking an undergraduate assistant for summer 2010. This student will aid in field collection and organization of marine water samples and related equipment as part of our seeps-related research into the methane budget for the waters of the Santa Barbara Basin. Additional laboratory experience will be gained as well. Experience with working aboard UCSB's small watercraft is a plus (but not required). The stipend for this position will be approx $12.50/hr at 20-40 hrs a week - taking summer school is ok but ability to work all day on Tuesdays is important. Those interested please contact Frank Kinnaman at kinnaman@geol.ucsb.edu for more information.

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