Senin, 20 Juli 2009

Percocet, Vicodin May be Banned

A federal panel of experts advised the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this month to ban two popular prescription painkillers, Percocet and Vicodin, from the market. The panel also recommended that the maximum allowable dose of acetaminophen in over-the-counter pills such as Tylenol be reduced from 500 mg to 325 mg. The FDA is expected to accept the panel’s recommendations.

Percocet and Vicodin are comprised acetaminophen plus a narcotic. According to the panel of experts, there is now sufficient evidence to conclude that high doses of acetaminophen over prolonged periods of time can cause liver damage.

It's worth noting that nearly all drugs, even some very good ones, can have unwanted side effects if they are abused.

You can read or see the news reports on the panel’s findings by Googling “FDA”, “Percocet”, and “acetaminophen”.

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