Minggu, 19 Juli 2009

Getting That Caffeine Buzz

The latest entry into the world of marketing hype - “energy shots”, a mere two ounces of bad-tasting liquid loaded with caffeine. Manufacturers won’t say how much caffeine for proprietary reasons (and probably to add to the drinks’ mystique), but most energy shots are thought to contain on the order of 120-200 mg. That’s the equivalent of one to two ordinary cups of coffee or a 16-oz energy drink.

Energy shots may also contain B-vitamins, amino acids and various plant extracts, but these aren’t likely to give you much of an energy boost despite the products’ claims. And then there’s the cost – upwards of $3 apiece.

If it’s a caffeine buzz you need, what’s wrong with plain-old maximum strength (200 mg) No-Doz? It was your grandfather’s drug of choice nearly 50 years ago for pulling an all-nighter, and it still works. Plus it only costs about 20 cents per dose.

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