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Complete List of NIH VideoCast Topics (National Institute of Health)

If you enjoyed all the Mitochondria Videos you'll love the rest NIH has to offer. Below, is a complete list of all the video topics you can find. This library of videos is absolutely huge! Each video is about an hour! And this isn't entry level high school stuff, here you'll find researchers presenting their work.

Now, the layout is not very exciting and researchers aren't always amazing actors... So, we are going to use our imagination. Close your eyes. First, we are going to pretend that monotone is a symphony. Got that? Good. Then, imagine this huge video database as a earthy magical cave full of untold secrets. Great. We are ready. Alright Splunkers, Go do your Splunking! Explore that cave! Riches, riches, vast intellectual riches lie waiting! Bring back the gold. Wield that pick axe and make us proud.

Make sure you download realplayer: http://www.real.com/freeplayer/?rppr=fed

Complete List of NIH VideoCast Topics

Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2008
Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2006
Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2005

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