Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Career opportunities

Who knew that panda impersonator was even a valid career option?

From a Time Photo-story: Giant Panda People - scientists don costumes for good cause.

In 1980, the Chinese government teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to establish the China Conservation and Research Center for giant pandas. Since then, with 100,000 visitors a year, it has become the most popular place on the planet to see giant pandas in their habitat. The reserve's mission is to observe, study and breed the endangered species to increase their chances of survival. So far the reservation has successfully bred 66 panda cubs.

Part of the reserve's mission includes placing the pandas it has bred back into the wild. Because previous attempts to reintroduce captive pandas into the wild have been largely unsuccessful, the researchers have developed the novel technique of dressing as the animals to acclimate them to the wild.

I think we need one more picture but you should check them all out at the Time website.

Is the 'panda' on the left eating bamboo? That seems to be taking method acting a bit too far...

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