Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Harmful algal bloom seminar class

This is something a bit different - 

There will be an organizational meeting  for EEMB 595FF and EEMB 194Q, "Primary production and Harmful Algal Blooms", on Monday January 10 at 1:00 PM in Noble Hall, Conference Room 2221. This seminar is an official course for grad students in any department and undergrads in biological sciences. If you are interested, please let me know prior to organization meeting; contact at prezelin@lifesci.ucsb.edu.

Harmful algal blooms occur worldwide and with seemingly increased frequency, with devastating effects on marine life and associated consequences for coastal soicieties.  This seminar/lecture  will explore the distribution, causes and effects of a variety of harmful bloom categories.  Please read the following links prior to the organizational meeting, as they will be part of opening discussion

http://www.sccoos.org/data/habs/about.php (and sections under Harmful algae and Red tides)

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