Senin, 04 Januari 2010

CCBER Conservation and Restoration Ecology seminar series

CCBER's Monday night seminar series will be located in room 2124 Girvetz Hall due to impacts associated with our NSF-funded renovation of our herbarium.
The topic and speakers are described below. We look forward to seeing you there. Monday nights 6-7pm.

Conservation and Restoration Ecology Seminar

Winter 2010

Conservation & Restoration Response to Global Climate Change Predictions

Lisa Stratton –

Room 2124 Girvetz

Jan. 4. – Introduction & Discussion

Jan 11. – Biodiversity Conservation in an age of climate change: the case of the Southern California Bight by: Michael V. McGinnis, PhD
Acting Director, Ocean and Coastal Policy Center, Marine Science Institute & Lecturer, Environmental Studies Program & Graduate School of Environmental Science and Management

January 18 – Holiday

January 25 – Class presentations/Discussion: Science of Global Climate Change

February 1 – Gaia theory and climate change, by: Lee Klinger – Independent Scientist

February 8 – Understanding the impacts to Global Climate Change on Plant Phenology and Pollination Patterns – Brian Haggerty, UCSB

February 15th – Holiday

February 22 – State of California and the Coastal Conservancy Policy Response to Global Climate Change Predictions – Bob Thiel, Project Manager, State Coastal Conservancy

March 1 – Global Climate Change and the Southern California Steelhead Recovery Plan – Mark Capelli, Recovery Coordinator, NOAA Fisheries Service

March 8 – Final Discussion

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