Selasa, 15 September 2009

Glucose Monitoring Devices are Inaccurate

Most diabetic patients measure their blood glucose level on a regular basis, as part of a daily regimen to try to maintain their blood glucose within normal limits. Many diabetics rely on home glucose monitors that are relatively cheap and easy to use - trouble is, they’re not very accurate. For example, one study reported that five different popular home glucose monitors gave readings that were different by as much as 30%.

Consumers probably are not aware that the devices can be this inaccurate. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is understandably concerned, and it’s pressuring the international organization that sets standards for the devices to tighten up the standards - or else the FDA may do it for them.

But this raises an interesting dilemma. Re-engineering and manufacturing the devices would make them more accurate, but it could also increase their price – at least, that’s the manufacturer’s arguments against new standards for accuracy. And if an increase in price caused some people to stop using them altogether, have we really gained anything? There’s always a trade-off; always a choice to be made…..

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