Selasa, 10 Maret 2009

Cthulhu hates Chordates

Having just enthused about Cephalopods I was delighted to come across this picture in the news today. I'm a big fan of obscure jokes and this placard, at a counter demonstration to the hateful Fred Phelps, who was at the University of Chicago yesterday, is excellent. Fred Phelps and his church, the Westboro Baptist Church are (in)famous for their protests which usually involve a lot of placards along the lines of 'God hates gays', 'God hates the world' or 'God hates you'.

This parody is great since it requires you to know something about HP Lovecraft to know that Cthulhu is very Cephalopod like AND to know that Cephalopods are most decidedly not Chordates. In addition, the Lovecraft Cthulu WAS evil and probably does hate Chordates. Kudos.

MTA. A comment from the signmaker: I decided that if the Mighty Tentacled One had to hate a chosen group, it would be one outside of it's representative clade, and deuterostomes wouldn't fit on a sign.

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