Senin, 19 Mei 2008

From Sewage to Drinking Water

Los Angeles officials are proposing to recycle heavily treated sewage water back into the ground. The water would eventually make its way into the aquifers that supply drinking water to the city (“Los Angeles Eyes Sewage as a Source of Water”, LA Times May 15, 2008). The plan is understandably controversial, with some residents complaining that it should be put to a vote rather than decided upon by city officials.

A similar plan was abandoned in the 1990s after a public campaign was mounted against it. But this time around the critics seem to be less vocal, in part because the chronic water shortage in LA is predicted to only get worse and in part because the technology for cleaning up sewage water keeps getting better and better.

It might be interesting to ask your students if they would vote for such a plan in their community, or ask them what THEY would see as the best way to solve a water shortage problem. You could also ask them to look into and report on current techniques for treating sewage water.

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