Kamis, 15 November 2007

Birth Control Pills on Campus, Revisited

Previously I reported that sweeping changes in Medicaid reimbursement rules were likely to have the unintended consequence of causing a sharp increase in the cost of birth control pills on college campuses this past Fall (see this blog, July 24, 2007 posting). Indeed, the cost of birth control pills on many campuses did go up, on some campuses by as much as 10-fold. Some college health clinics stopped providing birth control pills entirely.

Fortunately, relief is in sight. Introduced by Representative Joseph Crowley of New York and backed by over 100 co-sponsors on both sides of the aisle, the Prevention Through Affordable Access Act (HR 4054) would restore the ability of college health clinics and safety-net health care providers to buy birth control pills at discounted rates and to pass those savings on to college women and other women in need.

Apparently the word “prevention” in the Prevention Through Affordable Access Act stands for prevention of unintended pregnancy. According to a press release from his office, Representative Crowley states that “A bureaucratic mistake should not stand in the way of protecting the health and safety of hard-working women. My colleagues, who are interested in effectively preventing unintended pregnancies, ought to support this measure and join us in urging its immediate passage.” Well said, Congressman Crowley.

Do your students understand the legislative process? Are they interested in how specific legislation (this one is a good example) might affect them personally? How do they feel about this particular bill?

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