Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2007

Don't Overlook the GOOD Bacteria...

We wouldn’t want students to think that ALL bacteria are bad – in truth, most of the thousands of different species of bacteria in our bodies are harmless or even beneficial. Bacteria living within our bodies contribute to such important functions as maturation of the human immune system, the synthesis of vitamins and the digestion of foodstuffs. It may not be a good idea to try to wipe them all out, as an article in Newsweek this week points out. (“Caution: Killing Germs May be Hazardous to Your Health”, Newsweek Oct. 29, 2007, pp. 44-48). It’s an easy read, well worth your students' time, and it might serve as a counter-balance to the constant barrage of news about truly bad bacteria such as MRSA (see post on Oct. 26).

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